A ‘Special’ Day

I’ve written about my love for bees and honey before on this blog. We normally have three types of honey in our cupboard: runny, set, or cooking (ie cheaper supermarket honey that has been filtered and heated – it doesn’t matter to me if it is being heated again!) that come from a variety of local sources. Just occasionally we have ‘special’ honey, that was made locally to a market stall somewhere we have visited on holiday – and that will replace one of the other jars.

Recently I have discovered a problem however. M only wants to eat ‘special’ honey on ‘special’ days. Since we can’t fit four jars in the cupboard, and don’t want her to miss out on the honey, I have had to be creative about what is a ‘special’ day. So far I have always managed to come up with something that satisfies her.

So this has got me thinking – can every day be a special day? Is every day special simply for us being alive? Does this dilute the effect of celebration days, or does it simply bring more enjoyment and appreciation of each and every day that comes along?

To my surprise it has been the latter.