Free Motion Quilting

Leaf pattern tarot bag

Leaf pattern tarot bag

It is said that the only way to improve any skill is to practice it, so with that in mind I wanted to do a few small projects using free motion quilting before I completed my second tree quilt. (See earlier post.) Rather than simply use up fabric with random stitching, I decided to make something that would actually be useful. So here is the bag I made for my favourite deck of tarot cards, the Sacred Circle Tarot. Until a few days ago it was simply wrapped in a silk cloth, which I sometimes want to borrow for other purposes.

I chose this particular design for two reasons. First, I was exploring leaf ideas for the tree quilt, and wanted to see how well they worked once stitched. Second, because I felt the design needed to fit with the pictures and energies of the cards in some way, so that when I look at my collection, however small, I know instantly which cards I am picking up.

Using my tailor’s chalk, I drew around a candle holder that was the right size in order to create the circle, then marked it into fifths and drew in the pentacle in the centre. I stitched the pentacle first, twice over, then the circle once, and on the second pass I added the branches and leaves. Possibly I could have added a third pass for the pentagram, but the branches all had two lines so I stayed with two. I was fairly appalled by my wobbles and inconsistencies as I sewed, clearly I am not capable of visualising a simple leaf and repeating it on alternate sides of a stem, nor stitching free-hand exactly along a straight line, but somehow I kept going to the end to see how it turned out. And was then amazed at how effective it was when you look at the whole and not the details. And if nothing else, I have finally learned to control my stitch length!

I am now hard at work doing the actual quilt; don’t expect any close-ups of my stitching but each bit I do I improve on the last one.