Finishing My Wand

Here is a rather delayed post on the final stage of my wand.

My wand was being used before I even started carving it, even before I had the piece of wood I was going to carve it from, as I have written before. It was also used in between each bit of carving. However, I still felt that it was important to dedicate it properly in a circle ceremony once it was complete – and I could not complete it without the help of my spirit allies, in this case Dragon.

When I was given the design for the wand back in February (see ‘Carving my Wand’ for the design details) I asked if it should have a snake core, to match the outside of the wand. Dragon looked at me and replied “All your wands will have a dragon core of course!” “All?” I asked, surprised. Apparently I will eventually need three, for different workings, and to represent Mother (apple), maiden (for moon work) and crone (not yet!). I was also told not to worry about how to get the core, Dragon would do that part for me when it was needed.

It took a while before everything felt right, but it was a new moon, a Wednesday (Mercury is both my ruling planet and has connections with wands) and following on from a Fire ritual I had done as the completion of my revisiting each element over the past few months, and I realised the time had finally come.

First I touched my wand with each of the four elements, using Derbyshire spring water collected near the river Dove, a candle flame, Frankincense spray, and salt. Then I said I was ready to do the core.

At this point, as if I had said some magic words, Dragon appeared, almost as excited as Fireball (a small fire dragon I met last summer) usually is. I realised there were many dragons present, all those familiar to me plus others I don’t know. I tried to give the wand to Dragon to do it and show me – but he said I could do it myself. It would be a good experience for me.

Following his guidance, I first blew very gently and steadily down the full length of the wand, from the base of the apple, to blow a hole into which the core could be inserted. It took me five breaths to reach the tip. Then I held my fingers over the ends while he prepared the core. It was a scale, from near the head of a dragon – not his but I recognised the colour, metallic, dark with rainbow sheen although mainly blue. Long and very narrow, it was rolled tightly along its length like a very long spring. It had to be eased into the hole very gently and slowly, which was quite tricky – there was a lot of resistance as it wanted to unroll. Then I sealed the apple end with my spit, while Dragon lit a flame at the tip to seal it which I blew out. Finally Dragon marked the back of the wand for me with his claws, which I hadn’t expected at all: / | \

Dragon explained now the wand had most of its power, but the last bit would come from me as I used it.

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