I have been varnishing some drawers over the past three weeks. There are ten large drawers, each needing two coats and a good rub down with wire wool in between. I cannot do them with M around, so I have had to trust. Trust that she will take a nap on enough days that I can get the work done, and trust that she won’t wake up before I have completed each pair of drawers and cleaned up myself and the brush afterwards.

Amazingly this has worked out. She has slept in our bed, in the car, in the bicycle trailer, wherever for just long enough for me to finish each day. It has been wonderful and really rewarding to be able to get the job done.

I am reminded that if something needs to happen, it will. It is only when we interfere by doubting that the process fails. So I will trust that when it comes to doing the frames within the new wardrobe, she will sleep equally solidly.

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