Welcome and Hello!

I am a hedgewitch living between hawthorn, hazel, blackthorn, holly and beech hedges, gathering the nettles and stickyweed that grow in their shelter. Sometimes I meditate, sometimes I journey beyond our familiar world, and sometimes I create, taking nature as my inspiration. Fabric, stained glass, pen and paper, or even wood crafting, along with learning and practising the Craft.

I like to write about my personal beliefs, and how they are woven into everything I do so that there is no join to where magic stops and “reality” begins. If they inspire anyone else, even if it is to disagree with me or call them into question, then so much the better. I will not pretend to know what is “right” or “best”, I only know that we are all individuals and each have a unique purpose to fill; every path is equally valid. This is my path, which may be crooked at times, or have a few detours, but if there are two options I shall choose the prettier route even if it is longer.

There is a rowan tree in my garden, dedicated to Brigid, goddess of healing, poetry and smithcraft. Its blossom smells divine each spring, the best scented tree blossom I know. Later in the year I will save the red berries for medicinal purposes, as a decoction made with them is great for easing winter sore throats. Brigid has been with me for a few years now, like attracting like.

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